with the passage of large lateral bone of the toe was crushed and deformed

to make the legs look more slender and figure look more upright, select boot is thin shoes to achieve the desired effect. If the boot is too tight will affect the blood flow in your legs, feet, feet in itself is part of the distal limbs, peripheral circulation is relatively poor, stacking is probably the effect of the two extremities caused the flow of blood is blocked, over time there will be fever, pain, swelling, inflammation such as difficulty walking, which means that you’re suffering from Achilles tendon inflammation, tendonitis. 3, the “boots” grave consequences (1) boots too tight – frostbite,   nike air max 95 tarsal tunnel syndrome, women’s relatively poor blood circulation, boots too tight will cause peripheral blood circulation disorders, especially boots, legs look great but provides less insulation, can easily cause the foot to frostbite. Foot, leg muscles and Achilles tendon swelling and difficulty walking,

numbness, pain and other symptoms, is called tarsal tunnel syndrome, which is caused due to the disturbance of blood circulation caused by tight shoes. (2) Too much heel high – hallux valgus, lower back pain due to the high heels and body Center of gravity moved forward, foot pressure is significantly increased, with the passage of large lateral bone of the toe was crushed and deformed, stand out, this is the hallux valgus. Hallux valgus will not  air max plus only affect the appearance of the foot, also had a great impact on our lives, needed to be done in severe cases, surgical correction. Heels are too high, excessive leaning of the body’s other big worry is that cause lower back pain, wear high heels stood for a long time, resulting in overloading the waist, back muscles, ligaments, easily tired and aching, and over time will become chronic pain. (3) shoes type had small–beriberi shoes

type had small, and had tight, again plus breathable sex bad, sweat hard dissipated, such wet warm of environment to anaerobic bacteria, and fungi of breeding created has powerful conditions, if clean than Shi on is easy caused disease original microbial infection, appeared feet Department itching, and up blisters, symptoms, is we commonly known as of “beriberi”. 4, how to choose a pair of “good” when selecting boots boots not only looks good but also pay attention to comfort. When shopping for shoes, you want to take advantage of soft, breathable foot, leather fabric shoes toe, shoes should not be too narrow, boots tube around to put your index finger, heel height 4 cm below the best, no more than 6 cm, work best when put on a pair of comfortable shoes. 5, foot bath massaging essential habit every night before going to bed a hot foot bath is a particularly good habits!



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