such as silicone gasket to lower the pressure to forefoot

try to choose a relatively soft material, does not irritate the skin. 10cm+ high heels crime: shifting, spine out of admittedly, heels as high as possible the US and, with finer more attractive. But as soon as put on over 5cm high heels, the human body will not fit. For the sake of heels to lift up, focus will fall on the front foot pocket, making poor ankle stability, prone to the risk of ankle sprains. Not only that,   but also affects the knee, because gravity Center   air max direct fell in front, knees tend to have back the top of the case, that is too straight, this situation will accelerate the joint wear and degradation, knee pain, not even down the stairs. In addition, the pelvis forward, resulting in ass to upturned, lumbar spine too much bend, accelerate muscle behind the lumbar facet joint compression and shorter lower abdominal muscles, lumbar back pain. TIPS: If 10cmHigh heels, should add some

ease the pressure inside of the shoe, such as silicone gasket to lower the pressure to forefoot. Four-pointed shoes to crime: toe squeezing retro style has struck again! Long skirts, pointed shoes, rivets, is invariant fashion. Pointed shoes toe shape, bringing together toe parts, easy to form the hallux valgus. Shoe  air max thea parts room, ventilation difficulties, easily lead to the breeding of germs. Pointed shoes, compression of foot formed in the first part, easily lead to  poor blood flow, a trait that blood be difficult for nutrients, calories and oxygen supply to the Pointe, likely to cause foot deformities. Pointed shoes front end hard, thin, severely squeezing their toes, can cause nail embedded, corns. TIPS: young people in the development phase, feet in constant growth, growing up, is not fit to wear narrow pointy shoes. Ultra thin flat crimes: pressure on the soles “wearing high heels is not

healthy, so why choose flat-bottom shoes. “A lot of people think healthy shoes to wear, in fact, wrong. Shoes should not be too high, should not be too flat light. People walking heel impact along the leg bones, the spine, through the head. Heel is too low, the feet the moment his body weight weight of up to 60% in heel, walk much, upload momentum can cause foot and ankle, knee, hip and waist the pain. Long wearing flat shoes will accelerate the degradation of Plantar ligaments and bone tissue, causing heel pain. TIPS: heel height to 3~5cmThe most suitable. Gaiters high heel Sandals crimes: “strangling” foot hasn’t come in the summer, many women have begun contemplating buying dresses, long skirt to go with what kind of shoes? Elegant strappy sandals, right? But can’t wear strappy sandals are the perfect shoes. Is not a small lie to you, you know about strap on,



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