it is best not to use the washing machine or soaked in water

using a nail or sharp object to pull the corner part of the printed pattern. Wearing after a while, some some minor cracking may occur on the surface of the pattern (especially the often tortuous part), this is normal. 5, in order to enable you to achieve a satisfactory results, please be fair to you to wear shoes. Remember not to wear running shoes or walking shoes, soccer and other strenuous exercise. 6 a day, training athletes, be prepared more than two pairs of sneakers in order to replace every day. 7, purchased by athletes or sports enthusiasts should always  air max tr 180 wear sneakers. In order to extend the life of the shoes, washing as little as possible. 8, nylon mesh fabric and synthetic leather on the shoe is relatively easy to maintain, available water hand-washing, it is best not to use the washing machine or soaked in water. 9Separated, shoes and shoelaces with neutral SOAP and

washing powder. Washing remove the insole in the shoe, gently scrub with a soft brush, then rinse. Tips: clean shoes, soaked in diluted floating white liquor for about 30 minutes. If you don’t have time, you can wash with white shoe powder coated in shoes, if there is no white shoe powder, you can also use white chalk nike air max 1 instead. Just can’t do the fierce Sun under the Sun, but will print Yellow. In order to avoid yellow, you can spread the wet shoes, spread a layer of white toilet paper, absorb water and floating on yellow paper.Storage considerations for winter boots how hard a winter boots can sleep tight in order to keep their jobs next year, here’s a look at winter boots included several points to note. Insurance boots internal dry boots wear has a winter, even not stepped on snow also how much will because feet sweating makes boots internal damp of, so to in

incorporated zhiqian put boots put in cool dry ventilation of place airing Shang days, let boots internal himself slowly dry, do don’t put to Sun Xia Sun, even does not was high temperature Sun deformation, also may because Sun long time of straight Sun led to faded, stay shoes within touch up does not has wet of feels on can began started clean boots has. Storage before cleaning the baptism of the winter boots are no doubt will leave some stains on reception to try to clean these stains before, otherwise the easier the longer stains penetrate into the boots of leather, we’ll want to clean and do not get good results. Paint boots with dry soft of cloth put performance of ash brushed to can; General of stains as mud points, floating Yu boots surface of stains with dry cloth slightly stained point water wipe Hou immediately with dry cloth wipe, must to note cloth don’t too



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